Colorado mom chooses cannabis over chemotherapy to fight's son's leukemia

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A mother in Colorado Springs has decided on cannabis, instead of chemo, to fight her son's leukemia.

Landon Riddle is three years old. Eight months ago, he was struggling on chemotherapy.

"Within three months, we could all see that chemo was killing Landon," said Landon's mother, Sierra Riddle. "He would vomit like 50 times a day. No pharmaceuticals would stop it."

Riddle found an alternative -- medical marijuana in the form of capsules.

Riddle said she was skeptical at first, but "within four weeks we could see the improvement."

Landon takes four liquid capsules of cannabis a day instead of the 25 pills a day he was taking on chemotherapy.

Riddle says Landon is now in remission.

While it worked for them, not everyone agrees. Children's Hospital in Colorado Springs was so concerned Landon wasn't using chemotherapy that someone called child protective services. Riddle told KRDO-TV that she'll meet with them on Wednesday and plans to prove that medical marijuana is a safe alternative.

"If a little old marijuana plant is going to do all of this, then why is he on morphine? Why is he on Ativan? Why is he on Xanax?" asked Riddle.

Riddle is spreading the word on Facebook:

"A lot of people say I'm gambling with his life. I don't believe I am,” she said.

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