Colorado man, Robin Putnam, steps off train in Salt Lake City, disappears

TELLURIDE, Colo. - A Telluride family is pleading for answers in the disappearance of their son.

Robin Putnam, 25, vanished without a trace six months ago.

Putnam was on an Amtrak train on July 8. He got off the train in Salt Lake City and disappeared.

"It's been hell everyday for 6 months," his parents, Cindy and Doug Putnam, said.

Robin Putnam suffered from anxiety in high school, but had managed to bring it under control for the last seven years, his parents said.

Even so, after attending California College of the Arts for a year, his parents said the mounting school loan debt was getting to him.

After failing to get a summer internship, Putnam decided to come home to southwestern Colorado, but he never made it.

"I think he was so frustrated and wondering why he borrowed the money when there was no opportunity," his mother said.

According to the family, the FBI didn't open an investigation because it doesn't believe there is anything suspicious about the disappearance.

The Putnams said Robin's laptop and wallet were found on the train. The laptop is now with a computer hacking expert in New Mexico. The wallet was found on the train in Chicago, where it had been wedged into a seat.

The Putnams describe Robin as creative, intelligent and complicated.

They said he read and wrote extensively. His favorite book was "Siddhartha," a story about a man who gives up his possessions and family in order to seek true enlightenment.

"He also reads Jack Kerouak, so it's possible he could have started hitchhiking, he could have gotten a bus ticket to anywhere," Cindy said.

The Putnams have set up a Facebook page with pictures of and by Robin.

"The main thing is, we just need to know that he's out there and he's alive and he's ok," the family said.

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