Colorado lawmakers have 2 days left to pass bills on regulating and taxing recreational marijuana

3 bills up for votes Tuesday

DENVER - Colorado lawmakers have put off deciding on bills to regulate and tax recreational marijuana -- and now they're up against a tight deadline.

The Senate had until midnight Tuesday to take action on two separate marijuana bills. House Bill 1317 creates rules for retail pot shops. House Bill 1318 sets a 15-percent excise tax and a 10-percent sales tax.

Those votes were derailed Monday when leaders from both parties suggested trying to repeal the legalization of marijuana altogether. The effort had the support of most senators, but faced almost certain defeat in the House.

Both bills are up for second readings and debate in the Senate today.

The Senate also needs to take a final vote on a controversial measure to set a marijuana blood limit for drivers, House Bill 1325. The driving bill won initial Senate approval Monday, after several defeats.

The legislative session ends at midnight Wednesday.

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