Colorado is stepping up replacement of dangerous bridges

DENVER - Colorado's drivers face fewer dangerous bridges after a six-year push to replace old and crumbling crossings statewide, according to our partners at the Denver Post.

A fee on Colorado vehicle registrations has helped the state replace 53 dangerous bridges while another 22 are under construction and 33 are in the design phase as of July 31, Colorado Department of Transportation officials say.

CDOT says the passage of the FASTER --  Funding Advancement for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery -- legislation in March 2009, helped speed bridge repair and removal, the Post reports. The legislation created the Colorado Bridge Enterprise, which is a dedicated funding source for replacing poor-rated bridges.

"Since the CBE's focus is to address the poor bridges on our state highway system, motorists can see improvements in every part of the state, not just in the urban areas," CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt said.

CDOT officials say, however, that since most Colorado bridges were built in the 1950s and '60s, more bridges will fall into the "poor" category in the coming months and years.

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