Larimer County flooding: All of the 'unaccounted for' found; 1 person missing, presumed dead

DENVER - Six people who were listed as unaccounted for in the Colorado floods have contacted authorities to say they are alive and well.

Jon-Erik Huffstater, of Loveland, and Carl Grunke, of Estes Park, were the most recent to be located by the Larimer County Sheriff's Office. Four others were found after a list of six names was publicized Monday.

One of the people on that list was James Atwood of Pinewood Springs, but 7NEWS Reporter Jaclyn Allen was able to track him down Monday night.

Attwood and his wife Marla are staying with friends in Loveland. He left Pinewood Springs Friday morning, after working for six days without power or phone service to save the home he built.

The Sheriff's Office said investigators have also been able to confirm that Drake residents Marilyn Powell and Michael Williams are safe, as is Loveland resident Bruce Bechtel.

One other person, a 60-year-old woman from Cedar Cove is the last person listed as missing. Deputies said she is presumed dead.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office announced Monday one of the people previously presumed dead was found alive and well.

The 46-year-old man from Drake contacted deputies and told them he was able to climb out of a window before his home was swept away.

The floods, which started Sept. 11, caused damage across nearly 2,000 square miles. Nearly 2,000 homes were destroyed along with more than 200 miles of state highways. Another 16,101 homes and 50 bridges were damaged.

The floods are also blamed for spills of about 27,000 gallons of oil in northern Colorado oil fields.

No official estimate has been released on the cost of the floods.

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