Colorado family featured in Coke's multilingual Super Bowl commercial, 'America the Beautiful'

DENVER - A Colorado family is among those shown in a multi-lingual Coca-Cola commercial that is stirring controversy after airing during the Super Bowl.

Holy Family High School senior Alejandra Hernandez and her sister, junior Daniela Hernandez, are seen with their family, eating in their family's restaurant, La Mexicana Tacqueria Restaurant in Denver.

"[They] were chosen for the commercial after enduring a highly competitive selection process among actors from Colorado, New Mexico, California, and New York," according to Amanda Gallegos at Holy Family High School.

The teens are seen from :27-:29 seconds in the video. (See it below or mobile users click here:

"The girls said they got the commercial thanks to their sister, a local actress who was asked to bring her family with her to the audition," said Gallegos. "Both sisters agreed that the experience was nerve-racking and fun, and when asked if they would do it again – there was an immediate 'yes' from both."

The multilingual ad has sparked some controversy because some viewers were upset to hear "America the Beautiful" sang in different languages.  The hashtags #boycottcoke and #speakamerican climbed the trending charts as people took to Twitter to share their displeasure.

Others liked the ad for celebrating diversity in our country.


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