Colorado College students perform 'Harlem Shake' during Frontier flight; FAA investigating

Frontier: 'All safety measures were followed'

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating an incident during a flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego involving the Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee team.

The team was on a Frontier flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego over President's Day weekend. In midair, the team performed the recent popular dance, the "Harlem Shake."

Video of the dance was posted on YouTube and has been viewed more than 400,000 times. The video shows someone dancing in a mask in the aisle, while the other passengers ignore him. Then, the video cuts to all passengers dancing for the remainder of the song.

The second half of the video includes one passenger dancing in a banana costume, and another in an Abraham Lincoln mask.

The organizer of the dance did not want to be interviewed for the story. He told 7NEWS that it was planned one day before the flight to San Diego.

"Those are kids that go to our school, so you kind of feel related to them. (It's) like, 'I know them,' and everyone's watching them and it's really cool," said Colorado College freshman McQella Adams.

"And that they're on a plane because you wouldn't think that they'd do it on a plane and get everyone on the plane to join in," said Colorado College freshman Lauren Hahn.

7NEWS has confirmed the performance is now being investigated by the FAA.

"I wouldn’t think it would break anything because you're allowed to walk to the bathroom at certain times, unless they were taking off or landing," said Adams.

"Random turbulence, they could be worried about," said Hahn.

7NEWS checked with Frontier Airlines about the investigation.

"All safety measures were followed and the seat belt sign was off," said spokeswoman Kate O'Malley.

"The USA swim team did the same thing to 'Call Me Maybe' on their airplane and (I) never heard anything about that," said Hahn.

En route to the London Olympics, Colorado resident Missy Franklin and the U.S. Swim Team performed a "lip dub" to the popular song, "Call Me Maybe." The video, viewed more than 11 million times, included the swim team singing and dancing down the aisle of a flight.

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