Colorado churches on alert following threat

DENVER - Colorado churches are on alert after a man made threats against Roman Catholic and Mormon churches.

Fort Collins Police sent out a memo on July 24 after receiving information from other agencies about possible threats against Fort Collins churches from an individual.

Police across Colorado are looking for a white male in his 30s, approximately 6 feet tall and weighing 185 pounds, with brown hair, a full beard and green eyes, according to Matt Johnson, acting public information officer for Fort Collins police.

According to Johnson, the suspect had been seen wearing dark glasses, face coverings and a white t-shirt or towel on his head.

Police described the suspect's car as a white Honda Coup with several spray-painted black items on the vehicle, including the phrase “REV 14-7,” possibly refering to the Book of Revelations in the Bible, the symbol “YHVH” on the back bumper, possibly refering to the Hebrew word for God or deity, and the phrase “F*** DHS” on the top of the trunk.

The man was seen last week in Steamboat Springs and Rocky Mountain National Park.

"We are grateful for the notification from the Ft. Collins Police Department about the potential threat to our buildings and members. We have received no specific threat at this time, but will follow the advice of local law enforcement to remain vigilant in the coming days," read a statement issued by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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