Co-workers share memories of 7NEWS anchor Bertha Lynn

DENVER - After broadcasting the news in Denver for more than 30 years, 7NEWS Anchor Bertha Lynn has touched a lot of lives in the community and here at KMGH-TV.

Since learning that Bertha is leaving the newsroom to become executive director of the Children's Diabetes Foundation, many of her co-workers have shared stories about Bertha that many have never had the chance to tell before.

"Bertha’s kindness, heart, and compassion were clear to me even on my first day at 7NEWS," 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost said. "She offered me winter wardrobe advice that saved me from freezing a few months later.  I was scheduled to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day."

Amanda, who doesn't have any family in Colorado, was surprised during the holidays when Bertha had a poinsettia plant delivered to Amanda at the station.

"I’m not sure if she knew my schedule, or that I was going to be alone, but Bertha’s delivery brightened my holiday," Amanda said.

Bertha's long-time co-anchor Ernie Bjorkman said it was an honor and privilege to work with such a professional in his tenure at Ch. 7.

"The thing I remember about Bertha was that she not only reported and read the news, she "felt" the news and on several occasions I would have to pick up one of her reads because the previous story was so emotional," Ernie said.

He said through the good times and bad times, Bertha was the eternal smiling face.

7NEWS anchor Mike Landess has known Bertha since 1977 when he first interviewed at KBTV (now KUSA).

"I walked into the studio and the first person I met was Bertha Lynn," Mike said. "She had just finished her noon news show. She was delightful and has been that way for the 36 years since."

Mike said when he thinks of Bertha, he thinks of two words -- class act.

"Working with Bertha has always been a treat," Mike said. "She has the greatest laugh in the world."

That laugh is part of 7NEWS anchor Christine Chang's favorite memory of Bertha.

"One time I was anchoring with Bertha on the 11 a.m. show with Lisa Hidalgo. I can't even remember the story or what led to a chuckle. But that chuckle started live on air and it turned into a nonstop laugh for the three of us," Christine said. "It got to a point where Lisa had a hard time making it through her forecast and we were in tears. Thank goodness it was toward the end of the show."

Christine said they got a little grief from the boss, but one viewer emailed because she wanted to know what the team was laughing about!

Satellite truck operator Bruce Binns has worked behind the scenes for years with Bertha. He remembers Bertha being at the seismic center in Golden when an earthquake hit and Bertha never missed a beat.

"Bertha looked at the camera and said to her producer, 'I don’t have a page 17, Christian,'" Bruce remembered. "I thought it funny."

Bruce said he was also fortunate to do a live shot at Bertha's home after the birth of one of her children.

"My best memory is being dispatched to her home for a live shot to introduce her newborn to our audience," Bruce said. "I held the baby, met Bertha's mother and simply felt at home and welcome."

CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta worked with Bertha on an Emmy-award winning newscast a few years ago.

"Apparently we made a good team," Theresa said. "The grace and professionalism with which she conducts herself inspire me!"

But Theresa said what makes Bertha special is also what happens behind the scenes.

"Bertha always, enthusiastically, accepted fresh veggies and herbs from our garden and it made my daughters feel so proud," Theresa said. "She goes out of her way to make the children around her feel included and important, my girls among them."

7NEWS chief meteorologist Mike Nelson worked with Bertha on the 11 a.m. newscast during severe weather days. Despite being sleep deprived, he said it was an honor to work with Bertha.

"Bertha is the epitome of class," Mike said.

Many viewers have also been kind to share their favorite memories of Bertha on Facebook and via email.

"She was seated a few rows in front of me for the dress rehearsal of the play Salome some years ago, and I was surprised at what a petite lady she was.  I guess I had sort of grown to think of her as a 9 foot tall superhero.   Now I think of her as a 5 foot tall superhero," wrote Dandy Taylor. "She is a newsperson I trust, and a fine lady I admire.  Above all, she is what any woman would strive to be:  strong, smart, principled, gentle, and someone who wants to make the world a better place."

Bertha would love to hear from you, you can share your favorite memories on her Facebook page:

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