Partly loaded gun magazine found inside class at Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies

BOULDER, Colo. - An ammunition magazine containing three bullets was found at an elementary school in Boulder Tuesday.

After recess, a 4th-grader was in a classroom closet at Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies when he saw the .22-caliber magazine against a wall, according to Briggs Gamblin, spokesman for the Boulder Valley School District.

"He was hanging up his coat in the cloakroom of the classroom and dropped his glove and reached down to pick it up. In picking it up he noticed against the wall this small clip or magazine," Gamblin said.

The student took the bullets to the teacher, and she passed it on to the principal. The principal called police, Gamblin said.

Police officers searched the classroom, the playground and other common areas on Tuesday, Principal Phil Katsampes said.

Gamblin said there is no reason to believe there is a threat, but officials wanted to be careful.

"Boulder police will have a presence outside the school this (Wednesday) morning and there will be an increased police presence in the school area through the rest of this week," Katsampes told parents.

7NEWS spoke with several parents Wednesday, who said the school handled the situation appropriately. Gamblin said a few parents were upset Tuesday because they thought the district closed the investigation. The district sent a second email Wednesday morning to clarify that the district and Boulder Police were still investigating the case.

"The important thing we did want to get across that maybe wasn't as evident in the note as it probably should have been, looking in hindsight, is that we do take this very seriously," Gamblin said. "That's why police were called right away."

Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies is a K-5 school. Parents of students who attend High Peaks Elementary also received an email because the two schools are located in one building.

*Note:  In previous versions of this story we referred to the magazine as a "clip." When 7NEWS asked school officials if the item was a magazine or a clip, school officials reconfirmed the item was a clip. However, Boulder Police later clarified that the item was a magazine.

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