Climbers out late, with wrong map, rescued on 1st Flatiron by Rocky Mountain Rescue Group

BOULDER, Colo. - Two climbers who got stranded on a Flatiron at sunset Tuesday night had to be rescued.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office said Kurtis Anderson, 24, and Konstyantyn Halonkin, 25, called 911 at 8:06 p.m. saying they had climbed the 1st Flatiron, but couldn't find a rappelling anchor in the dark for their descent.

"Although Anderson and Halonkin were experienced climbers and properly equipped with the necessary equipment for their climb, including cellphones, headlamps, and some cold weather gear, they did not have a proper route map for the area they were climbing," deputies said.

Members of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group reached Anderson and Halonkin at 10:22 pm and helped the climbers rappel down.

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