City of Boulder releases preliminary flood-related damage assessments

BOULDER, Colo. - The City of Boulder says flooding caused almost $49 million in damage to its infrastructure.

The preliminary damage assessment of $48,910,000 was released Thursday as Boulder provided FEMA with details and how it arrived at that figure.   The city also said some infrastructure still hasn't been assessed because it is either still under water or covered by flood debris and hasn't been

The following list provides a more specific breakdown:

Open Space and Mountain Parks - $17,670,000

Approximately 64%, or 93 miles of the 145 miles of trails within the OSMP system have significant to severe damage.  Estimates include repair, restoration and/or replacement of trails, ecology, water delivery infrastructure and fencing.

Parks and Recreation - $2,390,000

Approximately 34%, or 35 of the 98 parks and recreation facilities have significant damage.  Estimates include repair, restoration and/or replacement of facilities, structures, playgrounds, multi-use fields and courts, and paths. 

Utilities: Water - $3,300,000

Damage estimates include the restoration of erosion that is jeopardizing water delivery pipelines and access roads to critical water infrastructure.

Utilities: Wastewater - $2,500,000

Damage estimates include inspecting and cleaning 25 percent of the approximate 400 miles of pipe in the sanitary sewer system.

Utilities: Stormwater/Flood - -$13,850,000

Damage estimates include inspecting and cleaning 100 percent of the approximate 160 miles of pipe in the storm sewer system. Damage estimates include the reconstruction of improved drainageway features, which will require the removal of vast amounts of sediment and debris.

Transportation - $6,000,000

Approximately 1% or three miles of the roads, citywide, have been damaged. There are approximately 300 miles of roads that exist within the City of Boulder. It is estimated that approximately 20 percent, or 60 miles of the roads, were covered in debris.  The City of Boulder has 60 miles of bike path within the city limits. Approximately, 15%, or nine miles, of the path was damaged, based on preliminary estimates.

Facilities and Asset Management - $3,200,000

84% or 306 of the 365 buildings and structures have been assessed.  Utility and parking structures still require assessment. Of those 306 assets, approximately 35, or 9 percent are estimated to have damage.

Preliminary Damage Assessment Total - $48,910,000 

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