CBI uses additional staff and increased hours to clear background check backlog

DENVER - To reduce the wait for background checks for firearm purchases, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced it is reallocating resources and extending working hours of the program.

The InstaCheck program normally has a staff of 21 people, according to Deputy Director Karl Wilmes. Those people will be joined by 16 employees from other work groups, he said. The enlarged staff will extend operations to last 15 hours each day.

Wilmes said the average requests for firearm background checks topped 1,100 per day in January. In recent days, the average backlog of 10,000 waiting requests has been reduced to 2,600, The Denver Post reported.

The additional workforce and time is designed to clear the backlog, Wilmes said.

The CBI said any overtime used to augment the InstaCheck staffing will be covered through vacancy or salary savings within the current budget.

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