Castle Rock dogs weren't shot; necropsy shows they were killed by predator

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - Two dogs killed in a Castle Rock neighborhood were not shot, as the owners originally suspected, but were killed in an animal attack.

The initial necropsy report from CSU on the dogs says they were "shaken and crushed" to death. It was not clear what type of animal killed the Toy Poodle and Maltese in the owners' back yard, the City of Castle Rock said.

"Castle Rock animal control will review the full report and see what they can determine further; if for some reason there is concern about a predatory animal, they will alert the neighborhood, but for now there is no criminal investigation into someone shooting the dogs," said Karen McGrath, spokesperson for the City of Castle Rock.

Last week, the dog owners said they believe someone shot and killed two of their three dogs because they were barking too much.

On Jan. 24, Warren Lubliner said his wife discovered the two dogs unresponsive in the grass. The dogs appeared to be bleeding from their torso from small puncture wounds.

A local veterinarian told Lubliner the injuries didn't seem consistent with what an animal would do and also said it appeared the dogs had been shot.  That's when CSU vets were called in to investigate.

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