Carjacking suspect on the run from drug charges

DENVER - As Ryan Stone led law enforcement on a chase throughout the metro area, he was already wanted for skipping out a court appearance last week.

The warrant issued for his arrest stated, "high risk arrest" and "known to possess weapon."

His bail bondsman talked with him over the phone after the warrant was issued.

"I said, 'What are you going to do?' and he said, 'I don't know, but all I know is I'm not going to do any more time,'" said bail bondsman Will Ellenburg.

He tried calling Stone later, but heard the following message on the voicemail:

"This phone is no longer going to be in use. If you need to get a hold of me, you could probably get a hold of somebody who does have a number for me."

Stone has had four run-ins with police this year and has been arrested twice. He was also supposed to appear in court on Wednesday afternoon for another drug charge. That was the case that Ellenburg posted a $25,000 bond. Since he knew he wasn't going to show up for that case, he said he was looking for him overnight.

"Basically, if me and my guys found him, we were going to do the same thing the cops did; put him at gunpoint," said Ellenburg.

He said his wife woke him up during the 7NEWS coverage of the chase.

"When he hopped out of the SUV and got in the van, I looked at him, (and) I'm like, 'That's Ryan,'" said Ellenburg. "Once I seen the jacket, I knew it was him because it was the same jacket he was wearing when I first met him."

7NEWS found out that in the last three days, law enforcement responded to the business for Stone's parents on reports of a burglary and auto theft.

"I talked to his parents briefly about him stealing a truck two nights ago," said Ellenburg. "They assumed it was him just because whoever broke in, they had keys."

Because he did not appear in court for his drug charge on Wednesday afternoon, Stone's bond was raised to $500,000. That does not take into account any charges he will face as a result of carjacking and chase on Wednesday.

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