Car slams into Aurora transmission shop

AURORA, Colo. - A car slammed into an Aurora business Thursday afternoon and the people inside say they feel lucky to have escaped without injury.

"I heard a boom, kinda looked over my right-hand shoulder, and next thing I know I felt debris and stuff flying over me," said David Pent, who was at work inside High Country Transmission at the time. "I put my head down on my desk, I got pinned up against it."

Pent says accidents are frequent near the other side of the building, which faces the busy intersection of Colfax and Havana. He never expected his business to be hit from another side.

The gold SUV ended up on top of a couch where a customer had been sitting. Luckily, Pent discovered, the patron was in the restroom when the crash occurred.

Pent said he felt lucky a pole stopped the vehicle from penetrating further into the building and lucky that no one was injured by any of the hunting trophies that were mounted on the wall.

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