Candlelight vigil held for teen killed in four-vehicle crash in SW Denver

2 arrested; police search for fourth car

DENVER - A candlelight vigil was held Sunday night for a 17-year-old Denver boy who died after the van he was in was struck by another car early Saturday morning.

According Chantal Lilgerose, her brother, Richard "Ricky" Reyes, was in a van with her and three other people when it was struck by a speeding car at about 2:30 a.m. at West Jewell Avenue and South Sheridan Boulevard.  Police said the high-speed impact caused the van to hit a third vehicle as it rolled several times, ejecting Reyes and killing him. 

Lilgerose suffered a torn liver in the crash but was able to run to her brother, who was in the middle of the street. 

"Holding him, looking into his eyes and he just died in my arms," Lilgerose said.

The driver of the third vehicle, Ricardo Segura, suffered a knee fracture and whiplash.  He told 7NEWS he was on his way to McDonald's to pick up food for his nephews.

"(I) heard an impact, as I looked up to the westbound lane, I (saw) two cars totally lose control," Segura told 7NEWS from his hospital bed. "By the time I swerved over to try to avoid the impact, he was already on top of me and we collided head-on."

Police said the driver of the first, speeding vehicle got out of his car after the crash and was struck by a fourth vehicle, which fled the scene.  Officers are now searching for that fourth vehicle and the driver in it.

The driver of that first vehicle was transported to Denver Health Medical Center with critical injuries. A woman who approached 7NEWS at Denver Health said she is his fiancee and identified him as 24-year-old  Daniel Reyes-Sanchez.

Public records indicate a 24-year-old man named Daniel Reyes-Sanches was admitted to the hospital Saturday and is being held for investigation of negligent homicide.

Lilgerose told 7NEWS her uncle was driving the van that she and her brother were riding in.

"He had like two beers (earlier). I mean, he was still drinking, but he wasn't that wasted," Lilgerose said. "I guess he tried to flee the scene. They found him in somebody's yard."

She identified her uncle as 32-year-old Raymond Medina. Public records show a Raymond Medina was arrested Saturday and  is being held for investigation of parole violation, driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

"The two vehicles that I (saw) collide were doing some kind of -- something that they shouldn't have been doing," said Lilgerose.

Police are still investigating the circumstances of the crash, described as one of the most confusing crash scenes officers have ever witnessed.

The driver of the fourth vehicle left the scene without stopping, police said. Lilgerose told 7NEWS she gave police a description of the fourth vehicle but police have not released a description of the vehicle nor the driver.

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