Cancelled health insurance policies in Colorado confuse people

DENVER - Tens of thousands of Coloradans are losing their health insurance policies under Obamacare this fall, prompting confusion, complex choices and, for some, higher costs.

The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to cancel individual policies — not those offered by major employers — if they don't meet new minimum benefits or cost-sharing rules, and many Coloradans now holding such policies are getting bewildering notices.

Small-business owners are getting similar letters for their group plans.

Some are angry at what they feel is a betrayal of President Obama's pledge that his health reforms would preserve existing coverage they liked.

"I don't want a government handout," said Nicole Butler of Colorado Springs, a canceled customer who, after complex research, found her family would qualify for a subsidy on the exchange. Even with a handout she rejects as taxpayer waste, her new policy would be more expensive than her old one.

"Keep the government out of my business," said Butler, who added that her family does not need maternity or abortion coverage. "Right now, I'm taking my premium money and setting it aside and paying in cash because my family is generally healthy. God has always come through for us."

Yet when other consumers learn about policies available on the new state insurance exchange, they find cheaper coverage with deeper benefits.

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