C-470 and I-25 unpaid tolls could stop you from registering your vehicle

DENVER - If you owe money for driving E-470 or the I-25 toll lanes, you may not be able to renew your vehicle's registration.

E-470 administrators are cracking down on people who refuse to pay by blocking vehicle registrations for the worst offenders.

Drivers who owe at least $200 in unpaid tolls, fees, and civil penalties will be reported to the Colorado Department of Revenue, a move allowed under a state statute passed in 2005, officials said.

There are 2,030 vehicles that fall into that group. The owners of those vehicles owe more than $1 million in tolls, fees and civil penalties, according to E-470 officials.

One violator has racked up more than $8,500 in unpaid bills while traveling on E-470 east of Denver, according to the Denver Post.

The move will affect vehicle owners whose registration renewals come due beginning in October and November of this year.