Burglars put mother and 2 children inside upstairs closet in Broomfield home

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Burglars, interrupted by a mother and her two children, tied the woman up and closed her inside a closet with her kids Wednesday. Broomfield Police say they believe the suspects are also responsible for other recent burglaries.

A neighbor called 911 after seeing the mother in front of her home in the 4100 Block of Red Deer Trail. Police said her hands were still tied.

The mother and her children had returned home around 11:50 a.m. and found two black men inside, police said. Although no weapons were seen and no one was injured, the men took the woman and her children upstairs to the closet.

Police said the suspects were both wearing dark-colored sweatshirts, dark pants and heavy fabric black gloves. One is described as being of a thin build with sagging pants; the other suspect is described as having a stocky build and "goatee."

The two men are believed to have left in a vehicle with a large amount of the family's belongings, but police say no witnesses observed any vehicles that might be involved.

"They, at that time, did not know where the suspects were so they searched my house for me, with their guns," said neighbor Shira Winter. "Searched my house, under the beds, in the closets and everything."

7NEWS learned that the victim's cell phone was also stolen. Police tracked that cell phone to a neighborhood two miles to the south. The man who had the phone had just found it and is not involved, according to police. A resident on that street told 7NEWS that Broomfield police officers searched his home with guns drawn, thinking the suspects might be inside. They were not found.

In other recent burglaries that may be connected, Broomfield Police say the suspects case homes and commit the burglaries while the residents are out during the day. They enter the homes through an unlocked door or by breaking the window on a door.

"They're taking a suitcase, (an) empty suitcase, (an) empty purse and filling it up with whatever jewelry and cash that they can find," said Broomfield Police spokeswoman Joleen Reefe.

Reefe confirmed that this is the second burglary on this street since Monday and the third since late last month. There are four burglaries in the area that police now believe are the work of the same suspects. Neighbors are just now learning of the series of crimes.

"I would have liked to have known right away and I'm surprised," said Winter. 'We have a neighborhood website. I'm surprised our neighborhood website wasn't even aware of it."

Anyone with information about the Red Deer Trail case or any others that may be related are asked to call Detective Dale Hammell 303-464-5733.

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