Burglary suspects admit breaking into homes, prowling for women to sexually assault, affidavit says

Affidavit: Suspects had carload of electronics

DENVER - Denver police may have thought they were dealing with run-of-the-mill burglars when they received a few phone calls from residents in North Park Hill, alerting them to a pair of prowlers going into yards and checking door handles on several homes.

But the prowlers ended up being anything but run-of-the-mill.

They admitted to police that they were prowling the neighborhood, looking for women to sexually assault.

Court documents obtained by 7NEWS indicate that officers made contact with David Neff, 26, and Robert Ivey, 41, on the 5200 block of E. 36th Avenue on Sept. 19. They asked Neff where he lived, and he replied that he didn’t live anywhere because his ex-fiancee had kicked him out of their house in Thornton.

When police asked him about the electronics in his car, he told them they were his.

A few minutes later, a detective spotted a bank bag and checkbook in the back seat of the car, and dispatched a patrol car to the address listed on the checkbook.

Investigators found that the door had been kicked in.  They later spotted an oval dust mark on an entertainment center that matched the base of a television sitting in the back seat of Neff’s car.

When confronted with that information, Neff admitted that he and Ivey had broken in to  six or seven homes, according to the affidavit.

What he said next was a big surprise.

"He stated they were searching for women to sexually assault," the court affidavit stated. "He related that they would look at young or old women walking around the neighborhood. He said they were nervous about doing it and would tell Ivey that the person they saw wasn’t the right person."

The affidavit states that both men went into an alley and watched through a window as a woman showered inside her house.

"They watched her for about 10 -15 minutes," the court document said. "When she finished ... they walked around the front of the house and knocked on the door ... and were surprised when a man with a scruffy faced opened the door."

"That’s horrifying," said North Park Hill resident Raina Burton. "To go searching for victims is just so wrong. It’s a little traumatizing to hear that it's going on in my neighborhood."

"It’s disgusting," said Greg Gerakopoulos, whose home was one of those targeted by the burglars. "Police found our checkbook in the suspect’s car. They called my wife and she called me."

Gerakopoulos told 7NEWS he's glad his wife wasn't home when their home was hit.

"That there are people who, for whatever reason, have reached a point in their life where they think this is something that's good, that it is acceptable to do, is just stomach churning," said Gerakopoulos.

The affidavit states that Neff had just met Ivey the night before and that they broke into several mailboxes and cars in the Commerce City area.

The suspects have been arrested. Each has been charged with one count of sexual assault, one count of attempted sexual assault, two counts of burglary and one count of attempted burglary.

Their preliminary hearings are scheduled for Nov. 21.

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