Broomfield's anti-fracking measure passes, according to unofficial results

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Broomfield's fracking ban vote took a surprising turn Thursday night when officials finished counting ballots.

The original election returns showed the measure failed by 13 votes on election night.

However, when officials counted the overseas ballots, military ballots, provisional ballots and other outstanding ballots Thursday, the ban had passed by 17 votes, according to an unofficial count by the Broomfield elections office.

Jim Candelarie, Broomfield Clerk and Recorder said all accepted ballots not included with the unofficial election night results have been tabulated.

Candelarie said the required certified statement of votes cast will be posted once the canvassing of results is complete on Friday.

Because of the close vote count on Broomfield’s Question 300, there is a potential for a mandatory recount on that question pursuant to Title 1, Article 10.5, Colorado Revised Statutes, but that will not be determined until after the Canvass Board certifies the election results.

"Today, the election judges counted ballots in a few remaining categories, and tomorrow the Canvass Board does the accounting process," Candelarie said

Question 300 is an amendment to the Broomfield Home Rule Charter to prohibit for five years the use of hydraulic fracturing in oil and gas extractions and prohibit the disposal or open pit storage of solid or liquid wastes connected to hydraulic fracturing.

The vote totals are close enough to possibly require a recount.

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