Broomfield closes trails at The Field Open Space due to aggressive coyote behavior

Five or six pups spotted in the area

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Broomfield has temporarily closed several trails at The Field Open Space due to reports of coyotes coming into contact with people and dogs on leashes.

Director of Open Space and Trails Kristan Pritz told 7NEWS they have had at least 12 reports of coyotes spotted near or around the trails in the last two months. In several of those reports, people said a male coyote with mange was being aggressive. One woman even reported he chased her and her husky.

"In this case we’ve been having coyote activity for about a month and a half, but recently it’s really ramped up into a situation where we’re concerned that people who have their dogs on leash and are abiding by the rules are having an interaction with a particular coyote that’s being quite aggressive," said Pritz.

Pictures courtesy of the City and County of Broomfield capture some of the five to six pups believed to be in the area, along with two adults.

"They seem to be more active in the evenings," Pritz said. "That’s a concern because that’s when many of our residents walk their dogs."

Pritz said urban coyotes can be unpredictable. Yesterday she and a colleague were out walking when they spotted a few pups. A few ran away but as they started to walk closer they noticed one right by their feet.

"(I) happened to look down and three feet in front of us was a little pup on its stomach, just frozen," she said.

During this time of year, the city and county does "high intensity" hazing, where they will shoot paintball guns in the direction of coyotes too close to paths to instill fear. Pritz said if people are on the open trails and come across a coyote they need to do "low intensity" hazing the coyote. She recommends backing away from the coyote, putting your hands up in the air and yelling to scare it away.

A map on the City and County's website shows the temporary closures. The city and county will assess each week the safety of the area to decide when to reopen.

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