Broncos head coach John Fox questioned about Super Bowl at NFL combine

INDIANAPOLIS - Just 18 days after the Super Bowl, Broncos head coach John Fox, Broncos general manager John Elway and other staffers are at the NFL combine scouting some of the top recruiting prospects for the 2014-2015 season.

However, when they faced the media on Thursday, the first questions weren't about draft picks, the first questions were about the last game.

"I give Seattle tremendous credit for playing very well -- better than we did," Fox said. "We were capable of playing better."

Fox said it was disappointing that the Broncos didn't play better.

"I thought we had a great season, but we didn't have our best effort in the last game," Fox said.

The combine runs Saturday through Tuesday in Indianapolis.

"We're looking for a big improvement next year," Fox said.

Saturday at the combine, coaches will see tight ends, offensive linemen and special teams players.

Sunday, quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers will go through the drills.

Monday, defensive linemen and linebackers will take to the field.

The combine wraps up Tuesday with defensive backs showing their skills.

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