Broncos fans rush stores for AFC Championship shirts

Printing shops working to meet demand

DENVER - Broncos fans are rushing sporting goods stores to get their AFC Championship shirts, and printing shops are working overnight Sunday to keep up with demand.

"We've already run out of some of the styles," said Brandon Yergey with Dick's Sporting Goods in Belmar. "Crowds rushed in right after the game to snatch them up. We should be re-stocked by (Monday)."

Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods have even extended hours at certain stores, opening at 6 a.m. to supply souvenir seekers with their AFC Championship shirts.

Meanwhile, at KSE Imprints, the screen printers were working all night long to send out shipments of NFL licensed shirts.

"We'll be going 48 hours straight, printing around 700 shirts an hour, and we're not the only shop printing them," said John Ledrew with KSE Imprints.

Fans couldn't wait to show their Broncos spirit, lining up to buy their shirts before the game was even finished.

"I need it. I've just got to have it," said Alex Molina, waiting to check out at Sports Authority. "I just love my Broncos gear."

But other fans said they would be more than happy to come back in two weeks to buy a Super Bowl Champions shirt.

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