Brink's armored car dumps $3,000 in coins onto Highway 66 in Weld County after doors come open

Most coins were recovered Thursday

WELD COUNTY, Colo. - A Brink's armored car dumped $3,000 in coins onto Highway 66 in Weld County after the back doors came open, according to the Weld County Sheriff’s office.

The Longmont Times Call reported that a "large amount of coins" were spilled Thursday as the vehicle was traveling westbound.

Authorities say they were called to investigate a complaint of a truck blocking a highway on Thursday and discovered the rear doors of the armored vehicle had come open. They say a large amount of coins had fallen out of the back.

Deputies blocked traffic to allow the highway to be cleaned up.

Officials said most of the coins were picked up, but locals are expected to search the area with metal detectors Friday, the newspaper reported.

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