Brazen bike theft from Washington Park home caught on surveillance camera

DENVER - A Washington Park man is missing his $3,500 mountain bike after it was boldly stolen. 

However, the man's home camera system captured the entire crime and may help investigators find the person responsible.

The video show a young man wearing a hat casing the home. He knocks on the front the door, before breaking open a gate in the alley. The man then grabs the bike and rides away without any interference.

The robbery occurred near E. Virginia Avenue and Clarkson Street last Sunday afternoon.

7NEWS checked the Denver police crime map. In May, the neighborhood saw a crime similar to this about 40 times, just more than once a day. But police say that number is fairly typical.

The man also left behind a 7-Eleven Slurpee cup that may help provide additional evidence for detectives.

"He broke down a fence, stole a piece of equipment that's important to me and it violates a feeling of security," said the homeowner who doesn't want to be identified. "Extremely bold, especially considering myself and all our neighbors were home at the time.

The homeowner has seven cameras on his property, yet that did not stop the crime from occurring.

"The amazing thing is none of that deterred him. He was brazen enough to go ahead commit the crime, even with the possibility of being on camera." 

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