Bow-and-arrow campus killer, Colorado School of Mines grad, mad at father over Asperger's Syndrome

Christopher Krumm killed dad on Wyoming campus

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - An aunt of a man who killed his father in front of his father's computer science class at a Wyoming community college says the assailant was a "borderline genius" who was upset by the belief he had inherited Asperger's Syndrome from his dad.

The aunt of 25-year-old Christopher Krumm, Barbara Nichols, of Bakersfield, Calif., says her nephew had trouble keeping jobs and blamed Asperger's.

Asperger's is a mild form of autism not normally associated with violent behavior. Nichols says she only knew her nephew to be polite and amiable.

Christopher's neighbor, Matt DiPinto of Vernon, Conn., told WTIC-TV that Christopher told him he believed his father should be castrated to prevent him from having more children. DiPinto said Christopher made the comments when he was giving him a ride home a few weeks ago.

"He's like, 'So my dad gave me Asperger's ... and my dad should have never had any kids. He should have never had me and passed it on to me, and the government shouldn't have let him have kids,"' DiPinto reportedly said. "It was just out of nowhere...but he seemed pretty livid about it."

Christopher Krumm's uncle said he seemed normal and outgoing the last time he saw him three years ago, but then fell out of contact. Jon Sims says he made numerous unsuccessful attempts to re-establish contact with his nephew, Christopher.

Police say Christopher Krumm shot 56-year-old James Krumm with a high-powered bow and arrow and stabbed him in his Casper College classroom Friday. About six students escaped unhurt while the two men struggled with a knife.

Hours earlier, Christopher Krumm fatally stabbed his father's live-in girlfriend, 42-year-old Heidi Arnold, at their home several miles away, police said. She was a math instructor at the community college.

Christopher Krumm then stabbed himself to death in the classroom.

Sims says he last saw his nephew after Krumm got a master's degree in electrical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 2009.

James Krumm may have saved some of his students' lives Friday by giving them time to flee while trying to fend off his son, Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said.

Christopher Krumm had smuggled the compound bow -- a type much more powerful and effective for hunting than a simple, wooden bow -- onto campus beneath a blanket, Walsh said.

Arnold died of multiple stab wounds. Her body was found in the gutter of her street. Evidence suggested much of the attack occurred outside the home, Walsh said.

James Krumm was head of the college's computer science department. He was born north of London and also spent part of his childhood in Germany, according to the college website.

He held degrees from Casper College, a bachelor's degree and MBA from the University of Wyoming, and a master's in computer science from Colorado State University.

Arnold held a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Oregon and a bachelor's degree in math from University of California-Davis.

The college planned a candlelight vigil and memorial service Tuesday.

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