Boulder will not charge residents for flood restoration and repair permit

BOULDER, Colo. - To encourage Boulder residents and businesses to use inspection services and ensure that flood repairs are completed appropriately, the City of Boulder has created a new 2013 Flood Recovery, Restoration and Repair Permit.

The new permit type will allow residents to submit their application and receive an over-the-counter permit during the same visit. There will be no fee charged for this permit or the subsequent inspection to ensure that flood damage has been properly addressed, though customers will be required to pay the associated taxes. 

Affected property owners are encouraged to visit to download, print and fill out the "2013 Flood Recovery, Restoration and Repair Permit" form before applying in-person at the Planning and Development Services Center. Customers with questions about city fees and permits associated with building, development, engineering, planning, and zoning can visit the:

-  Disaster Assistance Center, 5495 Arapahoe Ave., from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily; or

-  P&DS Center, 1739 Broadway, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Some flood-related permits will be charged a fee and some projects cannot go through the expedited permit process. Fees for permits that are unrelated to flood recovery will not be waived.

A City of Boulder permit is required for repairs to electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems. A permit is not required for simple drywall repairs or carpet replacements. Specific requirements may be applicable for properties located in a floodplain. Residents and businesses with questions about what types of restoration and repairs require a city permit are encouraged to call 303-441-1880 for assistance.

Visit for the most current information about community programs, services and efforts related to flood recovery. Select the “Download Flood Recovery: Frequently Asked Questions” link and share printed copies with your neighbors and colleagues.

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