Boulder Police looking for unwanted 'hugger' after alley incident

BOULDER, Colo. - Boulder Police are trying to find an unwanted hug-giver.

Two college-aged females said they were walking home through an alley near 16th St. and Euclid early Thursday morning when a man came up to them and tried to wrap his arms around them to hug them.

"According to the victims, the suspect rapidly approached them from behind and attempted to encircle them in his arms," Boulder Police said in a news release. "Both women tried to move away from the suspect, but he was able to 'pat down' one of the victims as if he was looking for something in her pockets."

The women said nothing was taken and they weren't touched in a sexual way.

The woman said the man didn't talk during the incident and he fled after the "hug."

The women said the suspect was a white man about 20 years old who was average height and weight. The man was wearing wire-rimmed glasses, had curly, brown hair and was wearing a hooded-sweatshirt with the hood pulled up.

Police said they don’t know what the suspect intended.

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