Boulder deputy passed polygraph, didn't know about plan to kill 'Big Boy' elk, Sheriff says

Jeff George still faces internal discipline

BOULDER, Colo. - Jeff George -- the deputy involved in the Mapleton elk case -- passed a polygraph test, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle told The Boulder Daily Camera Monday.

The test results indicate George believed the police officer who shot the animal on New Year's Day had permission from his supervisors, Pelle said.

According to court records, Boulder police officers Sam Carter and Brent Curnow texted George on Jan. 1, asking him to help them load the carcass of an elk Carter had just shot into Curnow's private pickup truck.

Carter and Curnow have been charged with nine counts and have resigned from the Boulder Police Department after investigators say they planned the killing of the elk. But George was not charged or placed on leave by the Sheriff's Office.

The deputy, however, still faces internal personnel discipline because he was not in his patrol area during the Jan. 1 incident.

George again made the news for helping to rescue an elderly woman from her burning home on Jay Road after an explosion caused by a suspected gas leak late Saturday night.

Pelle said George was on patrol in the area and was able to get to the house within three minutes.

George was able to kick in the door and found 83-year-old Marvyl Holder on the floor.  With help from two neighbors and a Boulder police officer, George helped get her out of the house moments before a second explosion rocked the house.

A neighbor told the Camera that Holder is recovering well after being treated for smoke inhalation.

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