Boulder Creek closed to kayakers, tubers, swimmers for 60 days

Closed while crews work to remove flood debris

BOULDER, Colo. - People will not be allowed to go swimming, tubing or kayaking in Boulder Creek for the next 60 days.

The City of Boulder and Boulder County issued an emergency order banning use of the popular recreation area while crews remove debris from the devastating September floods.

Trees and concrete blocks are still in the waterway, often submerged and invisible below the surface, a spokesperson for the Boulder Police Department.

"We look at the public safety issue. Do you want to be tubing down Boulder Creek and get caught on some rebar and be seriously injured and go to the hospital?" said Kim Kobel with Boulder Police.

The creek will be closed from Boulder Falls east to 75th Street and Jay Road.

If you are caught in the water during the closure it could cost you up to a thousand dollars or 90 days in jail.

It is possible the closure may be extended, depending on how quickly the work gets done. 

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