Boulder County crews help rescue 6 hikers on 2 different rescue operations Saturday night

All hikers rescued, no injuries reported

BOULDER, Colo. - Six hikers were led back to safety on two different rescue operations on Saturday night.

Three of the climbers were rescued near Redgarden Wall at Eldorado Canyon State Park and the other three were rescued on Boulder's third Flatiron.

Boulder County Sheriff office received their first call around 6 p.m. from some hikers who heard the stranded group call for help near the Redgarden Wall, said Boulder County Sheriff Deputy Amy Pratt.

Twelve rescue climbers went to the top of the Redgarden Wall and guided the hikers down to safety around 8 p.m., Pratt said.

Tim Holm, 22, Davis Gray and Josh Jordan, 21, all from Colorado Springs, told rescue crews that they had to wait for a slower group above them, when they ran out of daylight and were not equipped with head lights or flashlights.

The second call came around 7:29 p.m. as another group of climbers were stranded after they had gotten their climbing rope stuck while attempting to rappel off the climb on the third Flatiron, said Boulder County Sheriff Deputy Jay Stalnacker.

Rescue crews assisted the group and treated them for minor hypothermia, as they were unprepared for the rainy conditions, Stalnacker said.

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