Boulder Community Hospital patient records stolen, mailed to victims

BOULDER, Colo. - At least nine patients at Boulder Community Health had their personal medical records stolen, then mailed to them by an anonymous source, according to the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper.

The newspaper reported that at least two people got a letter that said, "The records that have been returned to you are to demonstrate the easy access that the hospital and their partners provide for someone with bad motives."

A hospital spokesman told the Camera the hospital first learned of the breach Monday evening and that the records came from clinic sites on the main Foothills campus and the Riverbend Office Park adjacent to it.

BCH said it will work with the Boulder Police Department and an outside investigator to conduct a full inquiry.

Records for more than 300 people may have been compromised. Read more in the Boulder Daily Camera.

Boulder Community Hospital changed its name to Boulder Community Health last month.