Boulder City Council delays off-leash dog rules vote

BOULDER, Colo. - Boulder's City Council has put off a vote on how to handle off-leash dog issues.

Currently, dog owners watch a video on voice and sight control to earn a "green tag" -- allowing their dog off-leash in certain areas. There is no renewal requirement.

However, under the new proposal, the 30,000+ green-tag holders would have to take an in-person class and renew that license annually.

People whose dogs commit the most serious violations on Boulder open space might have their off-leash privileges determined by a municipal court judge.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the consequences for an aggressive dog violation could be more serious depending on the circumstances, including mandatory training or even euthanasia for serious attacks.

The Boulder City Council says consequences for aggressive dog and wildlife violations are too light and should carry more penalties. Dog owners say the current system that allows rangers to enforce the rules is working.

City Council continued the second reading of the ordinance so that the changes could be written into the ordinance and voted on later this month or early next month.

Read more in the Boulder Daily Camera.

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