Boulder Apple store target of $160,000 smash and grab

Crook makes off with thousands in electronics

BOULDER - The Boulder Apple store became the latest target of a 'smash and grab' crook.

 Boulder Police said a hooded bandit threw three rocks through the nearly $100,000 custom-made front glass door to break into the store early Saturday morning. Once inside, the man stole almost $64,000 worth of merchandise.

 Investigators said laptops, iPads and iPhones were among the display items stolen. An Apple expert said the merchandise is more than likely headed for the black market to be sold.

 "Apple is like gold. It's easy to sell," said Rick Levitt, President of Macintosh Computer iTech, a Lakewood Apple repair shop.

 Some of the laptops stolen are valued at more than $2,000 and could easily be sold online for cheap. In November 2012 when a worker at New York's JFK Airport pulled off a heist of  more than $1 million worth of new iPad minis, several of the items showed up for sale on craigslist only days later.

 "With the economy the way it is people are desperate and they need money and that's why they're stealing this stuff," Levitt said.

 Chips installed in new Apple products make the merchandise easy to track, especially if they've been registered. According to Colorado law, even if you unknowingly by stolen property and are caught with it, the original owner has the right to get it back.

 Apple hasn't released video of Saturday's burglary yet.

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