Booby-trap found on Rampart Range Trail in Pike National Forest

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. - Officials with the Pike National Forest are confirming that a dangerous, improvised-spike strip was found on a trail in the Rampart Range area.

The strip was found on a single-track trail May 5.

"The wire spikes were buried in the trail bed so that wheeled vehicles would be damaged and unsuspecting hikers could be injured," according to officials with the Pike National Forest.

A discussion about the device was posted on the forums.

A poster on the board said the metal device with 2.5 inch nails attached to it was found on a new single track located south of 650.

"The booby trap caused 5 flats on 3 bikes and the riders getting out after dark," the posting said. "One rider suffered an ankle injury in a fall due to a flat front tire."

"The safety of the public and our employees is our highest concern," said Laura Mark, Special Agent in Charge for the Rocky Mountain Region. "Anyone who has information about this is encouraged to contact the Forest Service Law Enforcement Officials."

Individuals with information about the booby traps are asked to leave a message on the Forest Service Law Enforcement Tip Line at 303-275-5266.

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