Body found on hogback in Jefferson County may be sent out of state for analysis after autopsy

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - A body found on the hogback in Jefferson County may be sent to forensic experts in another state as investigators try to untangle the mystery of the death.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, but Jefferson County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Kelley said it isn't likely to reveal anything because of the poor condition of the remains. Plans for sending the skeletal remains to experts elsewhere for additional analysis will be finalized, if necessary, after the autopsy.

A hiker found the body on Monday night just west of C-470 near Bowles Avenue, near Dakota Ridge High School.

Kelley said the remains were in a ravine. Because there was no vehicle access or hiking trail, deputies had to wait until daylight on Tuesday to begin their investigation.

Once the body was recovered and investigators saw its condition, they said it appears to have been out there for some time.

The identity, gender and cause of death are unknown, investigators added. 

For now, investigators say they are treating this as a suspicious death.

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