Weld County bodies identified as women taken in kidnapping

Murder suspect found dead in Thornton

WELD COUNTY, Colo. - Two bodies found in rural Weld County have been "presumptively" identified as two women kidnapped earlier.

They were identified as Alisha Johns, 36, and her mother Sherri Pachello, 56, the sheriff's office said Friday night.

One body was found near CR 17 and CR 4, in a field near the intersection. Investigators have set up road blocks at a significant distance from the snowy crime scene.

A second body was found later near CR 15, between CRs 2 and 4, the sheriff's office said.

Friday afternoon, authorities found a gold-colored, 1991 Ford Explorer that belonged to Pachello.  Cimmeron Johns, 35, is believed to have used that vehicle in the abduction of Johns and her mother Pachello, the sheriff's office said.

A standoff with the suspect ended in Thornton, Colo., early Saturday morning.

Police said the discovery was made about about 12:30 a.m., after the SWAT team entered an apartment where the suspect had been holed up for hours.  His identity has not been released.

Weld County Deputies learned that Pachello had driven to a residence in Frederick to get her daughter, Alisha Johns, who had gone to visit her estranged husband, Cimmeron Johns.  It is believed that Pachello was able to get her daughter from the Frederick residence where both females left the area in the 1991 Ford Explorer.  Witnesses reported seeing two vehicles speeding away from the Johns’ residence, the pursuing vehicle being a black Mercedes that was commonly driven by Cimmeron Johns, the sheriff's office said.

The immediate investigation located a crash scene near the town of Frederick where an abandoned black 1992 Mercedes was found nearby that was known to be driven by the suspect.  Investigators believe that the suspect abandoned his car and took control of the vehicle that Sherri and Alisha were driving after they slid off the road and their vehicle became temporarily inoperable.  Weld County Sheriff’s Deputies combed the area throughout the night Thursday to attempt to locate the missing women and the suspect.

At about 11 a.m. Friday, a surveyor working in the area of Weld County road 17 and Weld County road 4 discovered a woman's body in a stream bed.   Two hours later, as Weld County Sheriff’s deputies were continuing to search the immediate area, another woman's body was found in the area of Weld County Road 15 half way between Weld County Roads 2 and 4. The locations are about one mile apart.

- History of violence by suspect - 

On Jan. 28, 2014, Frederick police obtained an arrest warrant charging Cimmeron Jeremiah Johns with felony assault causing serious bodily injury involving Alisha Johns. The warrant carried a $7,500 bond but Johns was never arrested, according to court documents examined by 7NEWS. Cimmeron has a five-page CBI report.  His nicknames are "Insane," "Capone," "TMZ" and "Chato." He has several aliases and three different dates of births listed in the CBI report.

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact local authorities immediately or the Weld County Sheriff’s Office at 970-356-4015 ext. 2825.

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