Better Business Bureau issues warning about ABC Auto Sales in Denver

DENVER - The Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder issued a warning Tuesday about ABC Auto Sales, a local vehicle dealership.

The BBB said the company was selling vehicles, but not delivering the titles.

"The BBB has received a rash of complaints against the company since May -- all from car buyers who say they’ve waited months for their vehicle’s title with no cooperation from the dealership," Better Business Bureau officials said in a news release.

"These consumers cannot register their vehicles without the title and it is very concerning," said Su Hawk, president and CEO for the BBB of Denver/Boulder.

The BBB said the company began business in 2003 and did not receive complaints of this nature until May. The BBB said none of the complaints filed against the company in 2013 have been answered and it appears the company is no longer operating on Alameda Avenue in Denver.

The BBB said customers who bought a car from ABC Auto Sales and have not received their title, should call the Colorado Department of Revenue at (303) 205-5746.

Auto dealers are required by law to provide vehicle titles within 30 days, according to the BBB.

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