Boulder bear removed from tree is euthanized by Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Bear had history of human interaction

BOULDER, Colo - A black bear that climbed a tree next to Flatirons Elementary School in Boulder was euthanized Friday after wildlife officials determined he had been tagged previously.

"We had ear-tagged him a month ago after several weeks of him getting into trash in Boulder," said Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchil.

She said the bear was relocated about 30 miles from Boulder, but he returned within a week.

When they relocated him, he was taken about 30 miles out of Boulder before being released.

"The last three weeks, he has been cruising through the alleys and hitting garbage," she said. "While officers were out there, a resident came up and said he has been living in their tree for the last week."

The elementary school was placed on lockout about 2:20 p.m. after the bear was seen nearby at Columbia Cemetery in the 1100 block of Seventh Street in the University Hill neighborhood, said Briggs Gamblin, spokesman for the Boulder Valley School District.

A lockout is when classes continue normally in the school, but the building is locked.

Parks and Wildlife asked residents to secure their trash to avoid attracting bears.  Under CPW guidelines, bears fall under a "two strikes" policy: the second time they are caught they are put down.

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