Bar robbery victim encounters suspect less than two days later at a casino

'I think he recognized me,' victim said

DENVER - A woman who was working at a bar when it was robbed at gunpoint came face-to-face with the suspect two days later.

Denver police shared surveillance photos from the JL Cheers at 3415 S. Monaco St. They show a white man wearing a coat, hat and scarf entering the restaurant on January 29.

Jessica Cuevas said she had served the man a beer and was playing with her phone before she noticed he was watching her.

"He was staring at me and I was really creeped out so I took a couple steps back and that's when he pulled out his gun in the air and started demanding everybody's money," Cuevas said.

Cuevas said she went to Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk with her boyfriend Wednesday day to relax. Then, on Thursday morning, Cuevas said she saw the same man in an elevator.

"A couple walks up and I look over and it’s the guy who was waving a gun around in my bar," she said.

On the elevator, Cuevas tried to avoid the man's gaze. She didn't think it was successful.

"I think he recognized me," she said.

Outside the elevator, Cuevas said she explained to her boyfriend that she'd recognized the suspect. Her boyfriend looked over at the couple.

"The guy had stopped and was staring right at us. And then, when my boyfriend looks over at him, he grabbed the girl he was with and starts getting her out of there."

Cuevas said she contacted the detective on the case and the casino's security. She said the casino was working with police to identify who the other couple was.

Anyone with additional information about the crime or the suspect is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867).

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