Baby left sleeping in a car seat was towed with car in Denver

DENVER - A baby left sleeping in a car was towed away in the vehicle over the weekend in Denver.

Denver Police documents show officers were originally dispatched to a call about a possible kidnapping at 9:50 p.m. While on the way to 1445 N. Corona St., officers were informed that the vehicle containing the child was towed by a private truck.

In a statement about the case, police wrote that the father had parked the vehicle in a visitor space that was not open at night. After the car sat there for 40 minutes, police say, the private company towed the car.

"When the vehicle’s owner noticed his vehicle was gone, he notified the police because his 1-year-old child was sleeping in a car seat in the car," police wrote.

At the apartment building, officers spoke to the father inside an apartment occupied by a friend's grandmother. He is identified in the police report as Thomas Benton, 36.

Benton was described as "sweaty and flushed," and told the officers he was having a problem with his blood sugar. He later told the officers that he was parked there because he was dropping off a friend who had helped him to move earlier in the day.

Benton said he was only parked in the space for 10 minutes.

When officers caught up to the car, they found the child safely inside and still asleep.

The father was arrested for an outstanding warrant, and is under investigation for neglect, police said. Court records indicate the warrant stemmed from a failure to appear in court for a civil case.

The report indicates that other people interviewed by the officers were unspecific about times but provided information that was consistent with Benton's report.

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