Avalanche danger 'considerable'' in the high country; map shows threat at orange level

People in orange areas warned to exercise caution

GENESEE, Colo. - The majority of the high country is under a 'considerable' avalanche threat, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC).

Snowfall over the past week has raised avalanche danger to 'considerable' levels across most of the high country. Visitors and residents were warned to exercise caution in areas threatened by avalanches after the death of a skier this weekend, visitors.

CAIC maps show the majority of the high country shaded in orange, which means that these areas are under ‘considerable’ avalanche danger. Some areas in the south and west are shaded in yellow, meaning that the avalanche danger is ‘moderate.’

A major snowstorm early last week brought heavy snow and formed slabs of ice that can trigger dangerous avalanches, said officials from the CAIC. There were at least five avalanches across the state on Saturday.

Peter Carver, 23, of Durango died Saturday when he was overtaken by an avalanche while skiing in the backcountry near Silverton. Crews from the CAIC are investigating Carver’s death.

Some parts of the high country saw four feet of snowfall last week. When combined with high winds, this snowfall can significantly increase the threat of avalanches, according to the CAIC.

More high winds are expected at the end of this week.

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