Authorities say hash oil operation found in Telluride home after pit bull bites owner in groin

TELLURIDE, Colo. - The San Miguel Sheriff's Office and Telluride Fire Department were at a home outside the town Tuesday where a deputy discovered a butane hash oil manufacturing operation.

Hazmat firefighters and deputies were waiting for a search warrant before re-entering the home, a release from the sheriff's office stated.

A deputy sheriff responding to the residence after a 911 report of a dog bite stated that he spotted the hash oil extraction operation after entering the home to aid the man. 

The man who reported the dog bite said that his pit bull had bitten him on the penis. The deputy stated there was a large amount of blood in the house. The victim was transported by ambulance to a hospital. His condition is unknown.

Reportedly, there are butane bottles, several trays of suspected hash oil and other possibly hazardous materials at the home, the Sheriff's Office said. 

"These marijuana oil extraction operations are extremely dangerous, hazardous to emergency responders, the occupants of the house and the neighborhood, still there is some debate by our legal advisers if the operations are in fact illegal," said sheriff Bill Masters.

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