Aurora theater shooting hearing: Survivors, victims' family members hear 911 calls from theater

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. - Tuesday, survivors of the Aurora theater shooting and family members of those killed heard the 911 call recordings capturing the shooting rampage inside the theater on July 20.

Prosecutors played the calls during day two of the preliminary hearing for shooting suspect James Holmes.

During the hearing, prosecutors are presenting evidence in hopes of convincing the judge to order Holmes to stand trial.

In court Tuesday, at least 30 gunshots were heard in court as prosecutors played a 27-second recording of a 911 call made during the shooting.

Chantal Blunk, the estranged wife of slaying victim Jon Blunk, said it was hard to listen to the sound of the attack.

"It’s choking because you can hear the noise in the background, you can actually hear people screaming," said Blunk. "It kind of makes you imagine actually being there a little more and it’s something you don’t want to imagine."

Some of those who attended the hearing on Monday told 7NEWS it was too difficult to come back on Tuesday.

"It was too much," said the father of Farrah Soudani, who was shot but survived..

Blunk thinks it's important to be in court and to be stoic.

"Not shedding a tear, not showing anger, not showing anything. Don’t give him what he wants," said Blunk. "Forget his name. Remember the victims’ names."

Shooting victim Yousef Gharbi said he is torn between wanting Holmes to die or spend his life in prison.

“I don’t know if I don’t want him to die or if I do want him to die," said 17-year-old Gharbi. "It’s just hard to say, you know."

"My integrity stands up for me and just says don’t wish it, but in reality I think most people know that’s what justice is. You can’t get away with killing 12 people. You just can’t," said Gharbi.

Gharbi survived being shot in the head.

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