Aurora Police: Young people use social media to promote huge parties in vacant, new homes

AURORA, Colo. - Aurora Police are warning about illegal house parties fueled by social media where throngs of trespassing young people jam vacant, new homes and party hearty, often causing thousands of dollars in damage.  

According to the Aurora Police Department Facebook page, last Saturday police responded to a report of a rowdy house party in a vacant home at 137 North Kellerman St., located in a new housing development in eastern Aurora.

"It just started getting really loud.  You could see the strobe light in the window," said one neighbor.

Arriving officers found a large house party in progress, with about 55 juveniles and young adults celebrating in someone's new home. The party-goers had swarmed from across the Denver metro area, including kids from Thornton, Boulder, Littleton, Westminster and Brighton.

Many of the revelers told police they learned about the party when it was posted on a Facebook group page called "Colorado Parties."

7NEWS found Colorado Parties has also started a Twitter account, proclaiming: "Where you can find ALL Colorado Party addresses!!" Tweets stretching back to April promote house party addresses in Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Thornton, Aurora, Centennial, Commerce City, Westminster and Henderson.  By Friday afternoon the Twitter account had been deleted.

"Party during the day lets get it poppin;)" said a May 21 tweet for a party at a house on Memphis Street in Aurora.

A May 17 tweet, promoted a "Big a-- house Party poppin right now!!" on East Minnow Drive in Aurora.

Aurora police said they have investigated several of the wild bashes, where people broke into empty, newly constructed homes to throw house parties, advertising the party locations on social media.

"These parties have resulted in thousands of dollars of damage to some of these homes," police said.

The Colorado Parties Facebook page had more than 1,200 members and was a "Closed Group," where newcomers had to request entry into the group or be invited by members.  It had also been taken down by Friday afternoon.

Aaron Motta was one of the administrators for the site.  He said it was a "party resource" of sorts but he only hosted the site.

"We don't throw parties, other people throw parties and give us the addresses. Around here they're called "abandos," and they're just houses nobody lives in. People like to throw parties at "abandos," but I don't ever partake in that because it's really dumb," Motta told 7NEWS.

"The Aurora Police Department is asking residents who live in newer housing development with homes still under construction to call police if they see suspicious activities or juveniles gathering around vacant homes in their neighborhoods," the department Facebook page said. "This is also a good reminder for parents to keep a close eye on what their kids are doing online and on social media."


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