Aurora police looking for gunman after holiday party shooting sends 2 teens to hospital

Retired Nugget hosted event as safe alternative

AURORA, Colo. - Aurora police are looking for a gunman after a late night shooting that sent two teenagers to the hospital.


It happened around 11:50 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot of the Classics Event Center and Reception Hall on South Peoria Street in Aurora.


Retired Nugget, Roland “Fatty” Taylor hosted the event for a group of teenagers so they’d have a safe place to celebrate their holiday party.

“We were just trying to have a nice, fun place for them to come and enjoy themselves.”

It’s one of the reasons Taylor said he opened the business a year ago, to help non-profits and give back to the community.

The event, he said, was problem-free.  It was staffed with four security guards and teens were patted down as they came in.

“It actually was a beautiful event, no problems or anything,” said Shawn Jones, who worked the party.

But shortly after it wrapped up, an argument broke out in the parking lot.  Things escalated and someone pulled out a gun and fired three shots.  One teenager was shot in the leg; a bullet grazed another.

“It wasn’t gang related or anything like that, it was just one person shooting.  We’ve never had any problems here,” Taylor said.

Taylor now hopes the incident doesn’t put a black eye on the business that was created to help the community.

“We can’t let one incident push us away.  When you do a positive thing and you get a negative like this, it makes you sit back and say, okay, what more can I do to help, and that’s why we’re speaking out.”

Statement From Classics Event Center:

“It is with sadness and regret that we have to report the events that occurred at the Classics Event Center at 1042 Peoria Street in Aurora, Co. The Classics Event Center was established in Aurora, Co in order to restore the integrity of the area businesses and create a safe place for individuals to hold their special events, Birthday parties, special events, Community projects, and to be a positive addition to the community.

"Our Founder and former NBA legend, Roland Fatty Taylor has been terribly shaken by these events and is doing everything possible to cooperate with local authorities to find out who the responsible parties are.

"Classics Event Center, since its opening has done everything necessary to secure the safety of its patrons and this has been a terrible shock to all staff and the local community. Our goal at this time is to do whatever is necessary to ensure that this situation never occurs again. We love this community and care deeply about the well being of its citizens. We would like to thank the Aurora police Dept. for their courteous and timely handling of this situation and we will be taking all necessary precautions to make sure this incident does not happen again.

"Rowland Fatty Taylor and staff wish to extend their deepest apologies to the community and ask for your support as we go through this most difficult time. Our goal is to provide a safe haven for everyone to enjoy and will take every necessary step to ensure this. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.”  

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