Aurora city council votes against raises for themselves and the mayor

Also nixed plan to give mayor more power

AURORA, Colo. - So much for making the Aurora City Council a full-time gig and increasing the power of the mayor.

At a retreat last weekend, the council decided against asking voters to approve raises for the council and mayor. It also nixed an idea to give Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan much more reach and go to a "strong mayor" form of government instead of the city manager making the decisions, as it is now.

Instead, City Council members Monday night agreed to award themselves a $100 stipend when they travel to regional committee boards, such as the Denver Regional Council of Government.

Aurora City Councilwoman Renie Peterson proposed the idea to make council full time and to bump pay from $1,073 a month to about $40,000 per year. She also wanted to increase the mayor's pay from about $55,000 a year to $80,000.

Peterson said she proposed the idea, among other reasons, so Aurora could be more on par with Denver when they compete and negotiate on projects.

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