Aurora home of Kristen Smith searched by the FBI in a kidnapping investigation spanning three states

AURORA, Colo. - The Federal Bureau of Investigation has searched an Aurora home in a kidnapping investigation that spans three states.

Kristen Smith, who is from Aurora, is in custody in Iowa after being accused of kidnapping her sister's four-day-old baby from Wisconsin on Feb. 6.

Police caught up to Smith at an Iowa gas station after her sister, Brianna Marshall, reported her own newborn missing. Smith denied any involvement and was arrested on an outstanding warrant. About five hours later, police found the newborn. He was alive, wrapped in blankets in a plastic tote box behind another gas station 500 yards away from Smith's arrest.

According to investigators, Smith later admitted to taking the newborn, even drawing a map to where the baby was eventually found.

Investigators believe Smith faked a pregnancy leading up to the kidnapping, finding a prosthetic pregnancy belly in her vehicle.

On Thursday, the FBI searched Smith's Aurora home near Buckley Road and Mexico Avenue. According to the search warrant, among the items investigators were seeking included:

-Any prosthetic pregnancy bellies

-Any birth control products

-Any journals detailing pregnancy or pregnancy planning

-Any medical records

-Any receipts for items in preparation of a new baby

Investigators seized many items from the home, including:


-Application for certified copy of live birth

-Breast pump

-Letter from National Institute for Infant Notification

According to the arrest warrant, when investigators told Smith's husband that she was never pregnant and that they found a fake pregnancy belly, he said he had proof that she was pregnant.

He showed investigators a video text from Smith that showed a pregnant abdomen. According to the warrant, her husband believed it was Smith based on a scar on the abdomen and a comforter in the background of the video.

Her husband gave investigators permission to search computers in the home. The FBI found email sent from Smith.

One discussed Smith "being induced into labor and having delivered a male child."

Another email stated, "I had the baby everyone he weighed in at six pounds, 10 ounces." It was also notated that the email contained a photograph of a baby in what looked like a hospital.

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